Hua Dan at the World Economic Forum 2011

Caroline on stage at the World Economic Forum 2011

Caroline interacts with a participant on stage at the World Economic Forum 2011

As part of Caroline’s involvement with the Forum for Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, Hua Dan was invited to deliver an interactive and participatory workshop for three hundred Young Global Leaders (YGL) at the “Summer Davos” in Dalian. The themes were moral dilemmas and values-based global leadership.

We devised a performative piece around four central, fictional characters: Mike Fields, the CEO of Snazzy Socks, a US-based clothing company; his wife, Natalie Fields, a stay-at-home-mum of three small children; Liu Laifeng, owner of a factory in China that makes socks; and Lan Lan, a young migrant woman working at the sock factory. The audience was introduced to these four characters, all of whom were facing personal and professional dilemmas in their lives.

Frozen picture of Lan Lan achieving her dreams, standing with a fist raised in triumph

Frozen picture of Lan Lan achieving her dreams

Following the performance, the audience members were taken to breakout rooms where they were able to meet the characters in person and learn more about their situation. Finally, participants designed Frozen Pictures, depicting their solutions to the dilemmas the characters were facing.

The workshop was well-received with participants saying it had significantly impacted their understanding of issues in China, as well as enabled them to reflect on many of their own personal and professional leadership dilemmas.

“Hua Dan’s performance was both a surprise and a revelation, ” said Grace Nicolette, 2011 Young Global Leader and co-founder of Social Venture Group. “In just a few short sketches, we in the audience learned so much, not just about the migrant issue in China, but about empathy, leadership, and the human condition. The actors in the sketches were top notch, and the multimedia effects used were powerful. I am not easily moved by performances, but I was deeply touched by this one. My mind and emotions were engaged in a deep way to consider the issues the characters faced. I would highly recommend having the stellar Hua Dan team to perform in any large gathering or function where people are trying to make a difference.”

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  1. Peta Khan says:

    Nice work Hua Dan – this looks like a professional and evocative performance. Jiayou!

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