End of year newsletter, 2011 (Part 1)

Dear Friends of Hua Dan,

At this special time of year, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the generous support of our donors and volunteers. In particular, we extend our sincere thanks to our most recent donors, the Chen Yet-Sen Foundation, Xin Gong Min, Beijing Improv and PCD.

Thanks to their contributions, Hua Dan will start a new children’s project in Beijing in January 2012, offering drama and film workshops to more than three hundred children over the course of one year.

In this newsletter we are highlighting two key aspects of our work:

  • Firstly, our Consulting Programme — a way in which you can both help Hua Dan and improve your staff performance. These exciting workshops offer opportunities for your staff to engage with the work of Hua Dan in the field. All proceeds from the trainings support Hua Dan’s own work with migrant worker communities. See below for details of some of the different products we offer.

  • Secondly, we are profiling some of the stories of Hua Dan’s migrant worker facilitators. A core part of Hua Dan’s model is the training of migrant workers to incubate and lead our projects in the communities with other migrant workers and children. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing with you some of these stories, as well as seeking your support to continue to train more facilitators to join our team.

Join Hua Dan in its efforts to bring positive transformation inside China’s migrant communities and contribute to a more stable and fair development for all!

Donations can be made through Ammado, PayPal, or directly to our Hong Kong HSBC bank account.

Wishing all of you the very best for the coming year!

The Hua Dan team

Consulting Programme workshops

Mobile Theatre

Scene from a role playHua Dan helps you to spread your ideas. We gather what your company has to say in terms of social responsibility and carry these ideas into communities by performing them as a piece of drama, supporting your aim of enhancing society.

Community Theatre

Workshop participants getting artistic with some paintWe provide “volunteer service” projects for your company staff. We give your personnel the opportunity to contribute to society via Hua Dan’s community work. We help you to realize your goal of social responsibility and to raise your staff’s social awareness. Each project is accompanied by a Hua Dan theatre workshop.

Transforming Theatre

Hua Dan facilitator guiding a workshop participantOur professional and international theatre troupe provides short or long term theatre trainings for your business. We improve your company’s capability of communicating, creating, team working and personal leadership and discover new problem solving opportunities for you. This is combined with effective consulting and evaluation services.

Conference Theatre

Scene from a role playWe transform your conference topic into a drama performance and put it on stage. We provide a workshop based on participatory theatre and authentic performances in order to improve your conference’s workflow and create team building opportunities.

Hua Dan stories

There are many young migrant workers who have benefited from our Migrant Training and Employment Programme and who are now helping to run our other programmes. We are now featuring their stories on our website, including that of Dong Fen.

Dong Fen, Hua Dan Operations Manager

Dong Fen
My name is Dong Fen, I come from the town of Sanbao, in the province of Yunnan. When I was a teenager, I wasn’t able to continue going to school because my family didn’t have enough money. This has always been one of my father’s biggest regrets, but I kept telling him: “Every cloud has a silver lining.”

While I was working as a beautician, I met several excellent mentors and friends, especially at Hua Dan. Hua Dan allowed me to see a world beyond that of a beautician, to understand my strengths and weaknesses, and to define my life’s goals. Hua Dan also gave me a platform to better develop my talents, allowed me to widen my experience and perspective, and provided me with the opportunity to use my skills to positively influence many young men and women like myself.

I believe that everyone’s development is highly impacted by the influence and guidance they receive. As a young woman from a small town, I have been so fortunate to have received the help and guidance of so many teachers, elders and friends on my road that enable me to become the person I am today.

Hua Dan is a very powerful organisation. Through theatre, it unearths and stimulates each person’s latent talents, and helps him or her to become an honest, courageous, innovative and confident leader

50,000 RMB (US$7,900 / EUR 6,000) will enable us to train a migrant woman to become a Hua Dan leader. Help Hua Dan empower migrant women with more opportunities.

Ways you can help

Donate to Hua Dan

Donations can be made through Ammado, PayPal, or directly to our Hong Kong HSBC bank account.

Donate on Ammado

Volunteer for Hua Dan

We need volunteers to help our facilitators run the workshops. Fluency in Chinese required. In addition, we always need volunteers to help with translation, especially Chinese to English.

If you are interested, please fill in our online form.

Buy our consulting products

Once again, one of the ways in which you can both help Hua Dan and improve your staff performance is by purchasing our Consulting Programme workshops. These exciting workshops can offer opportunities for your staff to not only engage with the work of Hua Dan on the field, but can also provide an innovative entertainment option for your corporate event or create opportunities for you to develop a great corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. All proceeds from the trainings support Hua Dan’s own work with migrant worker communities.

If you are interested in more information about our Consulting Programme, please contact us via our website, or contact Pauline Bandelier (International Development Officer) directly at pauline@hua-dan.org.

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