Caroline Watson, Founder and Director
Caroline Watson
Caroline set up Hua Dan in 2004 and has spearheaded all areas of Hua Dan’s inception and development, including, but not limited to, project management, organisational development, strategy and vision, fundraising, marketing and communications, and HR. As a pioneer of arts-based approaches to social change, Caroline has lead the organisation through its first seven years of growth and is committed to growing an organisation that has a scalable and replicable international model.
Caroline has received numerous awards for her work with Hua Dan. She has recently been nominated a Young Global Leader as part of the 2011 World Economic Forum. She was selected as an Architect of the Future at the 2007 Waldzell Meeting and was a 2010 Paragon Fellow, a fellowship offered by the Foundation for Youth Social Entrepreneurship.
Dong Fen, General Manager
Dong Fen
Dong Fen comes from Qu Jing, Yunnan province, and has been with Hua Dan since our very first workshop. She graduated from the famous Rural Women Knowing All school in 2004, having received training in waitressing, and has worked both as a waitress and as a beautician. She has been a passionate supporter of Hua Dan since we started and brings much enthusiasm and professionalism to our work here. She is particularly involved in the growth and development of Hua Dan’s career development training project.
Zhong Na, Senior Children’s Trainer
Zhong Na
Zhong Na hails from Ningyang, Shandong province and has been with Hua Dan since 2005. Prior to working at Hua Dan, she worked in the hotel industry and as a child-care worker. Enormously gifted in working with children, she has set-up and steered the development of Hua Dan’s children’s projects. She has participated in teacher training projects to enable the impact of her work to spread over a wider area, infusing China’s education system with more creative, “whole-person” learning methodologies.
Tao Yangyang, Creative Director
Tao Yangyang
Tao Yangyang comes from Nanchang city in Jiangxi Province, China. She has been working as a volunteer and a trainer for Hua Dan since 2005. In her time with Hua Dan, Yangyang feels she has greatly improved her communication and training skills and the ability to plan and manage training events. After graduating from the College of Art and Design at Nanchang University with a drama major, Yangyang now also works as an actress for film, television and theatre in Beijing. Yangyang’s friends call her “sunshine girl”, someone who strongly influences others, giving them strength and happiness.
Xu He, from Tongliao, joined Hua Dan in 2010. After graduation, she joined a non-professional drama troupe in Beijing, where she had some performance experience. Xu He has often said that meeting with Hua Dan is a very beautiful “accident”. Upon graduation, she did not know anything about the NGO sector. One day, she accompanied a friend to interview, when she read about Hua Dan in a magazine. Then she visited the website, and applied to join Hua Dan. Xu He said she was honoured to meet Hua Dan. Hua Dan has made her mature and full of passion.
Guo Jinlian, Sichuan Project Manager
Guo Jinlian
Guo Jinlian, from Meishan in Sichuan, worked in Pengzhou as a volunteer after graduation. She found to work as a volunteer not only to serve others, but also facilitates spiritual growth. Later she joined Hua Dan, and found Hua Dan helps people better to show the best part of themselves.
LiuRan,from Shijiazhuang of Hebei province,became a member of Hua Dan in 2012. She, a Chinese literature major,came to know drama and charity in college and the perfect combination of the two amazes her.Thereby, after graduation,she came to Beijing and joined Hua Dan Limited directly.She said: “for me,it is really a perfect job for it not only provides me the opportunity to study theatrical performance,more importantly where I can help others by performing”.
Liu Fang, from Beijing, had served as volunteer on children’s project from 2007 to 2009 with her daughter. Having been full-time mother for 11 years, Liu joined Hua Dan in 2012, in charge of financial and administration stuffs. She’s grateful that Hua Dan becomes where she could hold on her dreams and reach her goals of life. “To love your own value, you have to create value to the world”,Liu said, hoping what she does in Hua Dan could affect people around her. At the age of 40, she always tells herself every day:”what really matters is not the timing you start, but the perseverance after that, once you start, don’t stop!”