Past staff and volunteers

Hua Dan never forgets the dedicated staff and volunteers who have supported us in the past.

Chen Liang
Chen Liang was Hua Dan’s first volunteer when Caroline invited her to help migrant workers in Beijing through workshops in communities at the café in Wudaokou and at The Migrant Women’s Club.
Li Shiman
Shiman brought wisdom to the balanced development for Hua Dan by huge amount of translation and meetings with the migrant workers.
The first foreign volunteer of Hua Dan, Lucy’s excellent Chinese and communication skills greatly supported the management and development of the projects.
Zhang Wei
Zhang Wei was the first male volunteer of Hua Dan. He provided strong logistic and technical support with travel and computer skills.
Liang Hai
Liang Hai’s gentleness and humor always make us feel happy and easy, especially when the rehearsals went late into the night.
Wu Cuilin
Cuilin brought creative methods to Hua Dan in improvisation and children’s theatre, and with her enormous energy and experience, was fundamental in building Hua Dan into the organization it is today. She played a key role in the capacity building of the local team, as well as laid the groundwork for our Beansprouts Project, in partnership with Zhong Na.
Wu Yongshan
An experienced poet and genius photographer, Yongshan supported the image design and promotion of Hua Dan in order to inspire more people to join Hua Dan.
Li Peng
Li Peng is from Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region of northwest China. He was a Project Manager for Hua Dan in charge of workshops with the teenagers in schools for migrant children. Li Peng has visited Tibet, Yunnan and Guizhou. He enjoys the challenges in work and also enjoys life. Li Peng paved a solid foundation for the development of Hua Dan during his work and continues to support us on a freelance basis.
Fu Dan
Fu Dan is from Guizhou. She arrived in Beijing in 2005 and joined Hua Dan in 2007. She is a long-term volunteer of Hua Dan. Fu Dan believes that Hua Dan makes her life more passionate and meaningful. “Hua Dan brought me different views of life which makes me feel happier. She combines art and life which helps more people touch the true beauty of life.”
Peta Khan
In 2007 Peta was deployed to China through the Australian Aid program in order to assist in building the capacity and sustainability of the Chinese non-profit sector. In her year of working at Hua Dan, Peta had many successes within Hua Dan. Her experience in marketing, media and communications enabled her to assist in raising Hua Dan’s profile to an internationally recognized social enterprise. She was also a key player in the development and diversification of Hua Dan’s income generation strategies. With her commitment to Hua Dan and her excellent presentation, communication and interpersonal skills, Peta was a key pioneer in Hua Dan’s early days.
Yan Wenjun
Yan Wenjun, Master of Art Sociology, explorer, promoter and constructive practitioner focusing on the social value of art. In the field of applied theatre, she especially concentrates on the creation of applied theatre products, content develophment, research and evaluation of effects.
Gao Yan
From Zun Dao in Sichuan Province, Gao Yan worked with Hua Dan after the 5 • 12 earthquake to help establish our office there.
Ah Guan
Full of love and humor. Ah Guan is from Guangxi and served as producer, lighting director and actor in the Hua Dan Magic Story Box project.
In 2003, he worked on music production and composing. He has MIDI production experience and specializes in musical instruments, such as guitar and piano.
Feng Liang
Internet Engineer. He came across Hua Dan in 2007 and has actively participated in Hua Dan activities since then, providing reliable technical support in internet and computer usage.
Wang Ding
Website designer from Hubei, Feng Liang’s classmate, supports Hua Dan in computer and internet usage. He is in charge of the design and technology of the 2011 Hua Dan website.
Jiang Hui
Jiang Hui graduated from Chang Ping Rural Women Knowing All Practical Skills Training Centre. She has been a Hua Dan women and Sichuan programme assistant.
Cheng Fei
Cheng Fei has worked at Hua Dan since September 2009 and is a graduate of the Rural Women Knowing All school. From Gansu province, she has been instrumental in Hua Dan’s programmes at the Compassion for Migrant Children (CMC) Centre, such as the Magic Storybox project.
Zhao Nan
Zhao Nan is from Bazhong in Sichuan and graduated from Southwest Petroleum University. He was formerly Sichuan Project Manager, in charge of the volunteer management and curriculum design of the Sichuan Project.
Lauren Reed
Lauren joined the Hua Dan team in January 2011 and was responsible for the day-to-day management of the China office and assisting senior management in strategic planning, development and implementation. Lauren’s awareness of labor and migration in China motivated her to conduct her honors undergraduate thesis on the efficacy of GONGO and NGO services for migrant women. In 2007 she managed grants and conducted research for the China AIDS Media Project, the NGO that created the Oscar-winning film, The Blood of Yingzhou District. As the Beijing Resident Director for CET Academic Programs from 2008 to 2010, she worked with foreign and Chinese partners to steer operations and create innovative study abroad programming. Recently Lauren devoted her time to exploring collaborations in conflict resolution and security studies, alternating between volunteering for nonprofits in both South Asia and China and editing a book manuscript on Security in Elite Chinese Politics. Lauren is invested in creating a sustainable yet collaborative scalable model for Hua Dan that recognizes the positive transformative potential inside of everyone.
Tang Xu
TangXu from Chendou, Pi County, worked at Hua Dan as Hua Dan’s Sichuan office manager in early 2011.
Barbara Woodward
Barbara Woodward
Barbara Woodward, CMG, OBE has lived and worked in China for over seven years, as an English teacher in Wuhan and Tianjin in the 1980s and from 2003-2009 with the British Em-bassy in Beijing, where she was Minister and Deputy Head of Mission from 2007-2009. Barbara is a career diplomat, including at the United Nations, on EU issues and in Russia. Barbara has an MA in International Relations from Yale University, (1990) and in History from St Andrews University, Scotland (1983).
Nick Rowland
Nick Rowland
Nick Rowland, Honorary Treasurer, has lived in Hong Kong for well over 20 years and has previously served on the Board of Greenpeace China. Having travelled extensively in China over the years he has seen for himself the immense need for individuals within China’s migrant and rural population to improve their self-awareness, their confidence, and understand and realise the potential that we all hold within ourselves regardless of social class or education. Nick’s career over the years has focused on consulting and IT services and he is currently a Director of Serisys Solutions Ltd. He holds degrees from Harvard Business School and Oriel College, Oxford.
Lisa Genasci
Lisa Genasci
Lisa is CEO of ADM Capital Foundation in Hong Kong. She established the foundation five years ago for the partners of Hong Kong-based investment manager ADM Capital. The purpose was to establish an innovative philanthropic vehicle for the ADM Capital partners but also for others wanting to give effectively and securely in Asia in two areas: children at risk and the environment. Genasci now leads a team of eight with a clear focus on impact, em-ploying rigorous due diligence, providing strategic support and funding to 22 local non-profit organizations that work with some of Asia’s most marginalized children and to combat in-transigent environmental challenges facing the region.
Over the past five years, ADMCF has guided philanthropic investments of US$7 million to provide more than 150,000 children with access to education, vocational training, health care, nutritional support and develop-ment programs. From this, ADMCF has also built innovative environmental initiatives in areas as diverse as China’s water crisis, Hong Kong’s air pollution, deforestation in Indonesia and marine conservation in Vietnam. Before working in the non-profit sector, Lisa reported for the Associated Press from New York and Brazil. Her articles have appeared in most leading U.S. newspapers, including the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Miami Herald. Lisa holds a BA degree with High Honors from Smith College and an LLM in Human Rights Law from Hong Kong University.
Yu Xiaomin, Member
Yu Xiaomin
Yu Xiaomin is an associate professor at School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University. She obtained her Ph.D. degree in social sciences from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology in 2006. Her primary research interests include social innovation and social enterprise, civil society, corporate social responsibility, social development, and labor studies. Her publications have appeared in a variety of academic journals, such as the Journal of Business Ethics, Economic and Industrial Democracy, Social Enterprise Journal and the China Journal of Social Work. She is currently member of the Editorial Board of the Social Enterprise Journal.
Fu Jingping
Since 2000, Jingping has been engaged in financial work in NPOs, involved in financial investigation, project financial monitoring and assessment work in many foundation and NPOs. She is actively engaged in promoting the credibility of the domestic construction activity in non-profit organisations.
Jessica Naish
Jessica’s experience as a performer, director and lecturer is diverse, and unified by a passion for the collaborative, creative process of making theatre. Jessica specialised in devising theatre at the University of Kent. She has completed training in mime and physical theatre at the Desmond Jones school and in clowning at the WhyNot Institute in London. Jessica has also studied Forum theatre with Brazilian director Augusto Boal and Topeng masked performance with Ida Bagus Alit in Bali, Indonesia. For six years Jessica worked as a director of education and community projects at Sherman Cymru in Cardiff. As coordinator of the award-winning Acting Out Cardiff company, she has directed over ten productions with and for young people, ranging from documentary theatre, devised, physical and mask theatre, text and new writing pieces and children’s theatre. Jessica is currently Head of Learning and Engagement at Sherman, the leading mid-scale producing theatre in Wales. She has specialised in working with diverse, multi-cultural communities, and is actively involved in developing projects, which engage refugees, asylum seekers and host communities together in creative processes.
Lu Haiyan
Lu Haiyan, from Hebei Hengshui worked at a mobile phone factory in Beijing in 2008 for six months. During an activity with Compassion for Migrant Children, she learned about Hua Dan. Haiyan thought to herself: “The use of drama techniques captivated everyone. What if I can work with these energetic teachers after graduation?” Now she is an assistant in the Children’s Education Programme and is responsible for administrative work in the office.
Xu He
Xu He, from Tongliao, joined Hua Dan in 2010. After graduation, she joined a non-professional drama troupe in Beijing, where she had some performance experience. Xu He has often said that meeting with Hua Dan is a very beautiful “accident”. Upon graduation, she did not know anything about the NGO sector. One day, she accompanied a friend to interview, when she read about Hua Dan in a magazine. Then she visited the website, and applied to join Hua Dan. Xu He said she was honoured to meet Hua Dan. Hua Dan has made her mature and full of passion.
Du Jin
Du Jin, from Tianjin, was a beautician and also worked on CNC. She learned about Hua Dan in 2010 and began work as a volunteer, but soon became full-time staff. In February 2011, she began to work as a facilitator for the Women Empowerment Programme.
Hu Gang
Hu Gang, from Chengdu in Sichuan, is a hand-painting POP designer. After the earthquake in 2008, he engaged in public welfare undertakings, and applied hand-painting and hand-crafts to youth activities. He is currently a member of the Hua Dan Sichuan team.
Pauline Bandelier
Pauline Bandelier is Huadan`s new international development officer. She studied Chinese and international relations in France, her home country, and in the US, the UK and Taiwan. She then learned her fundraising and communication skills working for the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the French Embassy in Beijing, and travelling around the mountain areas of China for an international NGO.Passionate about theater, she also studied drama at the University of Santa Cruz in California and is a member of the Beijing Improv Bilingual Performance Group.“In Huadan, my different skills and interests are able to flourish”, she says. “In addition to overseeing Huadan`s fundraising and development strategy, I got to perform in front of 300 young global leaders as part of the experiential workshop commissioned for the World Economic Forum in Dalian. It was very rewarding and also a lot of fun! ”
Ya Nuo
Ya Nuo has been serving as Hua Dan’s Assistant Media Director since August, 2011. He recently joined a German volunteer organization, through which he is able to work at Hua Dan for an additional year and lead a few video programs. Ya Nuo attended high school in the outskirts of Beijing from 2008 to 2009. Over the past year, he has interned in different film companies in both Germany and China. He is already used to life in China and enjoys Hua Dan’s work environment. He says, “Performing in Dalian’s Davos World Economic Forum was a good start. Now, I hope that I can quickly move on to unraveling new film programs and workshops!” The video clip on this webpage was created by him.
Luo Jin Jiang
Originally from Bengbu city in Anhui province, Luo Jin Jiang has been with Hua Dan since early 2010. His commitment to public service began in middle school, when he joined a summer camp through an organization called “Farmer’s Son.” Later on, he became a key volunteer for the organization. He completed four months of training in another organization – “Compassion for Migrant Children,” – during which time he also joined Hua Dan’s academic program. There, he learned how to be part of a team, how to better understand and communicate with others, and how to form new, creative ideas. According to him, “Out of all of the programs I have been a part of, Hua Dan’s workshops remain my favorite, especially when all of the workshop participants form a circle, when there is no right or wrong, and the most important thing is for everyone to express his or her own feelings or perceptions. This is what makes me feel happy, respected, and on equal ground as everyone else. When I found out Hua Dan was in the process of recruiting a new Coordinator, I applied immediately. In Hua Dan, I have helped children who are left behind, like I was. I have also developed my talents and skills and have embarked upon a new life journey.”