Consulting Programme

Hua Dan runs a range of different consulting programmes for both corporations and other non-profit organisations. Hua Dan creates tailored activities designed according to client needs, to help corporate employees gain soft skills and improve team-building through creative and interactive theatre methods. All proceeds from this programme subsidise the other, non-profit activities of Hua Dan.

If you would like to find out more about how Hua Dan can work with your company or organisation to develop team-work and communication skills, please contact us.

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The lessons that you learn through character and narration live longer in the memory than what you learn in the classroom. Through the story of the Western CEO and the young migrant girl who works in the factory that produces the socks for his company, you gain an insight into the connectivity of these two worlds, distilling the big issues down to the individual human level. A very effective way of bringing to life the human impact of the macro-issues.

Neil Chugani, Chief Financial Officer, Shine Group, UK

Consulting Programme workshop examples

Mobile Theatre

Scene from a role play

Hua Dan helps you to spread your ideas. We gather what your company has to say in terms of social responsibility and carry these ideas into communities by performing them as a piece of drama, supporting your aim of enhancing society.

Transforming Theatre

Hua Dan facilitator guiding a workshop participant

Our professional and international theatre troupe provides short or long term theatre trainings for your business. We improve your company’s capability of communicating, creating, team work and personal leadership, and discover new problem solving opportunities for you. This is combined with effective consulting and evaluation services.

Community Theatre

Workshop participants getting artistic with some paint

We provide “volunteer service” projects for your company staff. We give your personnel the opportunity to contribute to society via Hua Dan’s community work. We help you to realize your goal of social responsibility and to raise your staff’s social awareness. Each project is accompanied by a Hua Dan theatre workshop.

Conference Theatre

Scene from a role play

We transform your conference topic into a drama performance and put it on stage. We provide a workshop based on participatory theatre and authentic performances in order to improve your conference’s workflow and create team-building opportunities.

Our partners

To date we have provided almost sixty workshops to help corporations disseminate information and resources to employees, or to target beneficiaries from the migrant worker and youth population to build skills and knowledge to improve work and personal lives. Services were provided for clients such as Citibank, Acona, Beijing Broadcasting Station, the International Council of Toy Industries, Leader’s Quest, DLA Piper, and UCCA.

In September 2011, Hua Dan was invited to deliver an interactive and participatory workshop at the Forum for Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.

“Hua Dan’s performance was both a surprise and a revelation,” said Grace Nicolette, 2011 Young Global Leader and co-founder of Social Venture Group. “In just a few short sketches, we in the audience learned so much, not just about the migrant issue in China, but about empathy, leadership, and the human condition. The actors in the sketches were top-notch, and the multimedia effects used were powerful. I am not easily moved by performances, but I was deeply touched by this one. My mind and emotions were engaged in a deep way to consider the issues the characters faced. I would highly recommend having the stellar Hua Dan team to perform in any large gathering or function where people are trying to make a difference.”