Past Programmes

Jian Wai Soho / UNESCO Migrant Fair

Hua Dan participants inviting audience members up onto the stage to take part in theatre games

Hua Dan was invited by Jian Wai Soho and UNESCO to develop a programme of participatory drama workshops for a migrant organisation fair being held in Beijing’s Central Business District to raise awareness of migrant worker issues.

This photo shows Hua Dan participants inviting audience members up onto the stage to take part in theatre games. The event was open to the public and attended by migrant workers, migrant children and Beijing residents.

Service Industry Pilot Project

Role play between a customer and service staff

Hua Dan ran an 8-session pilot project with waitresses and kitchen staff at a cafe where one of our participants works.

These photos show role plays between a customers and service staff. The participants developed their own role plays to look at conflicts experienced in a restaurant.

We are currently developing this project with the assistance of some funding from the Swiss Embassy.

The Story of Gui Zhi

Gui Zhi shows her boss her injury

Hua Dan was commissioned by UNESCO to produce a short drama on the challenges faced by domestic workers in the area of contracts, health insurance, workplace harassment and social welfare issues for a seminar on this issue.

In this picture, Gui Zhi has just been injured by burning herself on the family’s new oven and is appealing to her boss to give her money to go to the doctor. He is refusing. Gui Zhi is played by Dong Fen, a migrant girl from Yunnan province, who has been coming to Hua Dan workshops since we started in 2004. Dong Fen is now a full-time member of Hua Dan’s staff which confirms Hua Dan’s commitment to providing job opportunities for migrant workers also.

Gui Zhi Workshop Process

As in all Hua Dan workshops, the Gui Zhi performance was devised, scripted, performed and directed by participants themselves. Workshop facilitators are merely guides in creating the conditions (through games and drama processes) for participants to develop their own imaginations and come up with the ideas for the creative development of the project.