Women Empowerment Programme

Women are the cornerstones of our society; they play significant roles in family, work and society, thus it is essential to determine how to pull out their full potential. The roles of women vary in terms of different eras, regions and groups.

Hua Dan aims to assist women to develop their own energy in different fields; to enrich their lives with more joy, so they can be more confident to embrace a better life.

Since 2006, Hua Dan has been helping marginalised women to structure their personal capabilities through increased confidence, discovering personal talents, improving communication skills and creativity, in an attempt to change their lives.

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Target group

Three migrant women and a Hua Dan facilitator create a frozen picture

"Frozen picture" created by participants

Female migrant workers from rural areas.

Our Events

In Hua Dan workshops, we conduct research on the challenges and difficulties in the real life of our participants, and ask open questions through games. We guide everyone to think and discuss and to take part in drama, dance and painting, and then offer our opinions and suggestions, in order to let them address and solve the problems. They can also feel the glamour of stage and arts in our workshops, we teach them dancing, assist them to write the script of a small piece of drama or musical, let them direct the play, and perform at the last day to the friends we invite. In our workshops, the participants not only learn how to dance, but also discover their virtues, increase their confidence, improve communication skills, enhance the ability to resolve conflicts and other soft skills.

A group of migrant women acting out a scene at the gym

"What's under my feet? A yellow cloth?! Wrong! It's a treadmill!"

Participants attempt to communicate ideas using only their eyes

Communicating with the eyes

Our Projects

Han Dan female project was been started in June 2008. Over 1,000 women have directly benefited till now. Our partners include School of Rural Women and Fuping Development Institute, among others.

Participants form a conga line

Participants having fun during theatre practise


All the participants say that the time with Hua Dan is their most relaxable and joyful moment. Through Hua Dan’s workshops, they have discovered their talents that have never been realized before, and have become more confident as they have learned their significant value to the society.

A group of participants discussing their story ideas with a Hua Dan facilitator

Hua Dan and participants developing the story for their performance

Hua Dan sincerely hopes that all the women participating our projects will have an accurate understanding about themselves, discover their own beauty, realize their virtues, contribute themselves in different fields, improve their creativity, and understand their relationships to the society. This will make these migrant women more confident and allow them to really contribute to this society.

A group of participants high-fiving one another

Hua Dan's traditional finishing game: "Say Yes!"

Between May and September 2011, we were able to offer a new workshop to 55 migrant women, thanks to the support of the United States` Department of State and in partnership with two women`s organizations.

Hua Dan “Women’s Empowerment Program” now has two collaborators: Fuping school and the School for Rural Women. We conducted 8 workshops of three hours at Fuping school and 6 workshops of 4 hours at the School for Rural Women. During the last workshop, the women performed a story they had themselves created throughout the workshops.

Participants practising belly dancing with a professional instructor

Participants practising belly dance

Once again, we witnessed the power of participatory arts to impact people’s lives, the way they see themselves and interact with others. The story of Mrs Wei Xuemei is a good illustration. Mrs Wei enjoyed singing very much, but she lacked self-confidence. Her fear of making mistakes stopped her from trying anything new, including singing. With the support of the Hua Dan team and other participants, she was able to take a big step forward during this workshop: she decided to take on the lead role in the final performance. The character she played of a migrant mother touched all the people who had come to see the play. She never would have thought she had a gift for acting.

“By participating in Hua Dan’s workshop, I was able to discover some qualities I never knew I had … I realize now that I have a lot of strengths, I’m really not that bad !” Mrs Wei Xuemei, beneficiary of our women’s empowerment programme.

Participants creating flowers with their hands